Q: Where are TORQUE's products made?

A: -We hand screen print all graphic items like tees, hoodies, etc. here in our NJ facility.

-We fully handcraft our vests and handlebar bags from raw materials here in our NJ facility.

-All of our labels are stitched on by our tailor here in our NJ facility. 

-Not all products are made in the USA. We do work with other manufacturers.


Q: What does TORQUE Motorcycle Co. stand for?

A: We represent riding free, with no limitations. Leave your mark on this world #LEAVEYOURTREAD


Q: Why does it say my product is still at your warehouse after receiving a tracking number?

A: We hand make most of our products, so we create the shipping label to organize our shipments, and then print or stitch everything, (which takes 3-5 business days) then it is packed and shipped out!


Q: Why did the products I ordered not come wrapped in plastic?

A: We find that it is a waste of plastic, money, and time to wrap each item. What we do is neatly fold and pack the items into the package and ship it out that way. 


Q: Why did I not receive an email confirmation?

A: There are a few possible reasons: First, people often spell their email incorrectly on their order without realizing (1 letter/number could be missing etc.) and therefor you would not receive an email. Second, is there is a possibility the emails from us went to your spam/junk folder. Online retail stores typically get put into the spam folders. 


Q: Is TORQUE a motorcycle club?

A: We are NOT a club, and have no association with any clubs. We are a clothing brand that represents riding hard, having a good time, and leaving your mark on the world. And wearing cool gear and clothing while doing so 🤘🏼